James Murphy

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About James:

I’ve loved music for as long as I can remember. As a 3 year old, I had my first record player, and was known to be able to name the ‘A’ sides of records when just shown the ‘B’ sides – at a time when I couldn’t even read! I don’t remember this personally, but I’ve been told this loads of times by family friends!

Building a large collection of records, I first started doing discos as a 17 year old. I spent a summer as resident disco in a club in Weymouth, where I started to learn about the art of DJing. After four years, and with a wife, I left DJing behind and got a ‘real job’. This didn’t stop me collecting my records, and when they arrived, CDs. However, my love for music and the enjoyment I got from DJing brought me back to it.

In January 2009, I decided to get involved in on-line Radio, was quickly been taken on by various stations, and am now being listened to in 96 countries outside the UK.

When I’m not playing music, you’ll find me out snapping photos, or in front of the TV watching a film (I’m nostalgic, I like films I used watch as a kid with my family) or a TV series on DVD. I love a bit of football – at one stage, not so long ago, I was a Director of a Non-League Football Club.

First Job – Giving change in my parent’s Amusement Arcade (aged 6) Worst Job – Bingo Caller in my Parent’s Amusement Arcade Ideal Job – I’ve wanted to do radio since the days I used to listen to the Radio when I was a kid

Favourite Quote – ‘You can if you think you can’

Favourite Movie – It’s a toss up between three films – ‘Field Of Dreams’, ‘Grease’ & ‘Cinema Paradiso’

Favourite Person – Aside from the obvious, I have a friend named Donna who always keeps telling me to pursue my dreams and is my biggest cheerleader.

Calories or Carrots – Calories, but when I look in the mirror, I know it should be Carrots

Sun, Sea or Sand – Sea, although I don’t swim, I just love to look at the sea (I’ve lived on the coast for most of my life)

My Best Feature – Not sure, but I make a great cuppa!